We provide freight forwarding companies from home and abroad, a cost-effective and professional discharge of vehicle containers and the proper stowage of motor vehicles in sea containers with guaranteed customer protection.

As an independent operating cargo handling company and supplier for well-known and local motor carriers, we focus on vehicle-specific service which is probably unique in its experience.

In the area of classic cars, we have an expertise which sees the careful handling as a core area and for whose purpose we use specially made handling equipment and machines.

The expertise of Carshippers extends to all vehicles that can be transported in containers: from the aforementioned classic cars to new and used vehicles and camping caravans up to expedition vehicles, trailers and in particular motorbikes. Besides the possibility of additional cargo of vehicles from the US, we have access to collection containers for vehicles to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, the US, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

Consider Carshippers THE terminal for overseas vehicle logistics in Germany. We look forward to win you as a customer and to impress you with our service.