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We have weekly departures out of every major harbour in the US. Transit times ex East coast starts of at 12 days (New York) up to three weeks from Miami, Jacksonville and Houston. From the West coast transit times are approx. 28 days: Oakland, Los Angeles. US Customs need to review all original documents which may take 2 days up to a week.

These costs are offered tailor made for each case individually. Costs are based on distance, size and vehicle condition.

We use only professional trucking companies for pick up in the US which use winches to pull up the car. During loading and discharging your car might be driven by specialised personnel only.

Non running vehicles are loaded with special loading gear such as hydraulic platforms or winches. No fork lifts are used for loading or discharging.

Of course we take care of the full export procedure in the US as well as the custom clearance in Europe. We only need the Title of the car (Certificate of Title), Bill of sale (invoice for the car) and a copy of your passport or ID card.

Yes, transport insurance can be concluded via Carshippers. You will receive the applicable rates along with our offer.

No, containers are waterproof sealed. To avoid moist build up in the containers our partners in the USA put water absorbing bags in every container.

We offer our console services out of every major port in the USA such as: New York, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, Savannah, Los Angeles and Oakland. In cooperation with domestic partners we provide collections of cars from any place in the USA and bring them to the closest seaport.

Our dedicated car terminal is only 3 min from the Autobahn A1 and easy to reach by tram which is only 12 min from the central Bremen railway station.

Pick up and delivery of vehicles Mon-Fri 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Please set up an appointment with our operations team prior to reduce waiting time.

Yes, door delivery is available per open or closed carrier to any place in Austria.

Yes, we deliver cars by bonded road carrier to any destination in Switzerland and advise a customs clearance agent as well.

As a non EU citizen you need to provide a valid residence permission along with some local paperwork which we will explain and advise on your individual situation. For returning EU citizens certain requirements are requested and we will inform you individually as well. You can also bring in your vehicle free of duties and VAT if you are only visiting Europe for a limited period of time. For this purpose we can provide a so called "Tourist procedure".
This procedure exempts you from paying duties and VAT as long as the car is shipped back to the USA within six months. Please be advised that rules and regulations can vary in different EU States.

No, we do not ask for any payment prior arrival of the car in Europe. As soon as the car will have arrived we will bill you in accordance with our offer.

When the custom clearance procedure is fulfilled we send you the invoice for all costs. You can pay cash at pick up or by bank/wire transfer prior to pick up. When we organise the transport to you location all costs are due before the car is delivered.

When we custom clear the car we have to front the import duties and TAX to local customs. You will find the duties and Vat on our final invoice.

You can pay by bank/wire transfer prior to pick up or transport to final destination. We also accept cash if you choose to pick up the car at our location. Please understand that we do not except cheques, credit cards or EC.

Germany: 10% import duties + 19% VAT calculated on purchase price + sea freight is applicable on all cars regardless of age. NO import duties and only 6% VAT are applicable on cars older than thirty years if in original condition. Duty and tax free imports for tourists, US Army affiliates and tourist are possible. Please don't hesitate to contact is for individual information.

We do not offer these ourselves but have reliable long time partners who provide the full service. We will be happy to introduce you and assist you in these matters.

Yes you can leave personal belongings in the car. Be advised that the driver’s seat and rear view must be free. No extra costs are charged for this service. However we are not liable for loss or damage of personal effects.

Yes you can put parts in the car. Be advised if these are the original parts taken of the car not import duties or tax is applicable. As soon as you put in extra used or new parts in the vehicle they will be applicable to import duties and VAT.

We work with trustworthy transport partners who are able to pick up any vehicle at any location in the USA.

We absolutely NOT buy and sell cars. Neither we are able to check cars technically. However we can arrange safe options for payments, so called "Escrow Service". Terms and conditions apply and a contract is available upon request.

You can authorise any person to pick up your vehicle. We need a written and signed authorisation accompanied by a copy of your passport. Be advised when a car comes in on a so called "tourist procedure" only the lawful and registered owner can collect the car.

Yes, we do ship motorcycles packed or unpacked. Crating is not necessary but available upon request.

Normally all costs are conveyed in our offers. Very occasionally unforeseen requirements by shipping lines or local customs can result in extra charges.

We need the Certificate of Title and bill of sale (invoice). We will also ask you to fill out a so called "direct representation". With this document you will authorise us to for fill the customs formalities for you.

You will find a booking form in pdf attached to our offer. Please fill this out and email it back to the salesperson in charge and you will receive an order confirmation in return.

Your dedicated sales person will provide you with several updates on the shipping progress. You will be updated when the car has been picked up. An update is given when the car is loaded in the container and the sailing details are fixed. As soon as the container comes in our operational department in Rotterdam or Bremen will take over and contact you.

We have multiple weekly consolidated departures out of all major ports in the USA. Because of the volume we handle on a daily bases our transit times are the shortest in the business.

Yes, we offer door delivery all over Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact our main sales representatives with extensive knowledge of car shipping and should be able to provide you with any information you need.